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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  April 24, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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>> the boat low speed chase lifted and flown 28 miles tonight in a delicate salvage operation. final leg of ill-fated voyage. good evening. >> 5 people died on that both during a rates to the farallons more than a week ago. tonight the 15,000 pound yacht was hoisted from the rock and brought to the half moon bay airport. we have exclusive video of operation on the island. 7 news reporter lillian kim is live at the half man bay airport tonight. really quite something to see the big boat dangling in mid-air lake that. >>reporter: dan there are plenty of spectators here at the boat coming in. they kept saying amising. this is the helicopter that carried the
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boat here to the airport. it was an operation that went quickly and smoothly. low peed chase arrived at the half machine bay airport just before 7:00 p.m. special helicopter carried the 39 foot sailboat from the farallons islands where it crashed in the rocks during a sailing competition nip days ago. dozens of locals gathered at the airport to witness the salvage operation firsthand. >> quite amazing. since such a big helicopter. to carry an entire boat. of that size. >>reporter: ballard diving sal vandal won the bid to retrieve the boat estimated 200,000 dollar job. operation began hours earlier at the farallons. where a dive crew prepared the boat to be hoisted. there were a number of obstacle including rocky terrain, unfavorable weather and fragile eco-city. large wave along the shoreline are what killed 5 of the 8 crew members of the low speed chase. 4 of the body were never recovered. given those circumstances spectators couldn't help feeling emotional as the boat made its way toward the airport.
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>> couldn't help but feel so sad for the people that were lost and family that were lost. >> you are thinking of the people caught in that. we have a lot of friend who are sailors and it's kind of lake, it's like a ghost boat in a sense e-unmostly clear how long the low speed chase will remain at the airport. it's now fenced off and covered with a tarp. as for the salvage crew they return to the office in south san francisco. declined to speak about today's effort. they say the contract for bids them to talk about it publicly. spectators they are happy the sailboat has been he moved from the farallons wild life sanctuary. >> certainly for the environmental reasons and just don't belong there. it's not natural habitat. >>reporter: the sal vandal crew retrieved the boat just in time. birds are expected to begin laying eggs next week. so if the crew missed this window of opportunity, they would have waited until octobe october. live at the half mp bay airport, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> thanks lillian. >> public memorial will be held for alexis bush one of the
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sailors on the boat one week from today. san francisco giants announced the memorial for the former bat girl will again at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon at at&t park. those who we shall to attend should enter the willie mays gate starting at 12:30. >> oicos university reopened today 3 week after shooting rampage that killed 7 people. today by no means back to normal. only one class was actually held open campus. allen wong live at oicos university with a painful first day back. >> yes. no classes will be held in that room where it all happened but in one class that was held today 17 of the 22 students showed up. students came back to where it all happened. determined to finish an english course. first class taught at the youth since 6 nursing student and receptionist shot and killed on campus. the president said it was too early in the process to
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speak to the students. >> not today. i'm still dealing with the emotion of coming back. it's tough. >>reporter: e garcia was one of the few who cared to talk about it. he was inside the school when the shooting began. >> i thought it was important i come back and show that everything is fine with me. and with our class. >> really was still leery but they wanted to get back. you know everybody said they really want to finish. >> we want to help. >>reporter: those who couldn't make it back were invited to unit college in free mont where efforts being made to accept them. >> we are not sure what the future of this university is as a ask and the students i'm sure need to be, need to feel that there is another place for them to go in case the school shuts down. >>reporter: meanwhile the alameda county sheriff's department says the alleged shooter 43-year-old 1 go has not eaten since arrested 3
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weeks ago. jail officials say he's not protesting and not being force fed. >> sit around and you look at the walls and you feel shame and you are not hungry. what is unusual it's gone on for almost 3 weeks now. >>reporter: the university that is greek for family or household says next week it will remove the shrine at the front door and try to get back to normal. reporting life in oakland, allen wong abc 7 news. >> it will be a long process. thank you allen. >> proposition abolishing the death penalty in california today qualified for the november ballot, make life without parole the state harshest sentence. it would convert sentence of 7 25 death row inmate now to life prison terms. the estimated 100 million dollars it would save over the next three years would be used to buy police department for murder and rape investigations. >> some ground rules are now set in the ethic commission proceeding against suspended
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san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. during this evening hearing the city attorney office threatened to add account of non-cooperation against mirkarimi if he doesn't comply with the city demands for information. both sides will file briefs and provide witness list to the commission. mirkarimi says he expects it will not be a quick process. >> it hadn't happened before. it's unchartered. unpress denied. so i expect people to be careful. i want them to be careful with the proceedings. reflects not just on the integrity of the process but reflects on san francisco. >>reporter: ethic commission mets again on may 29 when it is expected to decide whether live testimony will be heard. commission will forward its findings then to the board of supervisors which has the final say on whether mirkarimi willless or keep his job. he pleaded guilty last mother to misdemeanor charge after bruise his wife during an argument. muni investigators working with police tonight to
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determine the cause of a train accident that killed a man in a wheelchair. san francisco police think the man may have been too close to the platform edge. investigators will only say that he is in his 50's. outbound ocean train hit him at civic center station this morning. passengers took shuttle buses while service between embarcadero and westportal station was shut down for 2 hours during the investigation. boy they are lucky. couple in pittsburgh escaped unharmed after the camper they were driving snagged low lying power lines. as you can see here the lines landed right on the camper along west leland road and karen court. pg&e credit the couple with doing the right thing by staying inside their camper until help arrived. >> all of a sudden i got hit. the wire i didn't see it. hit top part and it came down. and it stopped. >> and they did not get out. they spent about 25 minutes trapped in the camper until crew shut off the power. but
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had they tried to leave the camper they could have been shocked. >> car drove into a sizzler restaurant in hayward tonight. happened at about 7:30 this evening. the collision shaertd the glass window in the front. most diapers as would you imagine left after this happened but few decided to stay and finish their meals. >> come up next. policing occupy oakland. city police department has new plan for handling the demonstration. >> also apple set to announce blockbuster earnings but coming at a cost. find out who is paying. >> you could feel the noise in in your chest when it goes boo boom. >>reporter: and big boom. streak of light. nasa explains what happened in the sky sunday morning. that's all coming up then on nightline. >> i'm bill. dan coming up next on nightline. jennifer hudson takes the stand delivering emotional testimony. >> actress gift of remembering
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>> what started as an earth day event yesterday is now the latest confrontation between uc berkeley and the occupy oak land. group of occupiers now camping on uc owned field in albany. they say they want to turn the it into a sustainable urban farm. but uc berkeley says they are trespassing. turned off the water and says at appropriate moment they will evict them in the safe and effective manner. men time oak land police are developing new technique to handle demonstrators. forms direct result of the department controversial hand length of occupy protests over the past few months. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony explains the new police strategy now to cope with crowds. >>reporter: these are the scenes oakland police hope to avoid. when large groups of demonstrators hit the streets next week. >> i have called this news conference take to announce that i have initiated significant changes to how the oakland police department approach crowd management during large demonstrations.
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>>reporter: rae form come days before the release of 2 report reports. expected to be critical of the department handling of occupy protest dating become to october 25. that's when officers fired tear gas and bean bag into a crowd seriously injuring iraq war veteran scott olson. >> police department is becoming as much learning organization as it can. >>reporter: among the reform better crud control training. more community input and more comprehensive investigation after force has been used. also a new strategy when it comes to handling illegal activity or violence by a small group in a larger demonstratio demonstration. >> small unit tactic that is something we are considering. using smaller units to actually go in the crowd and remove people causing problems. >> i think creates more of a gang mentality in law enforcement if you have separate group looking for trouble therefore it would distract actually cause more of a hostile situation. >>reporter: reform come within days of the release of
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independent investigation of oakland police tactic during occupy protest. and the separate quarterly report from a federal monitor. >> this is about the federal receivership and it's about positioning in terms of public opinion. i am very skeptical that it is actually about rae form of crowd control policy. >>reporter: city leaders say they will have their reform in place in time for next week may day demonstration. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> to business. wall street analyst say the world most valuable company will announce tomorrow more valuable than ever. apple expected to release record quarterly profits in the 9 billion dollar range. most of it comes from i-phone sales. but that is killing wireless carrier. they are losing money selling apple i-phone and not making enough back with the monthly service plan charges. at&t stock for example is down 25% since it became an i-phone carrier in 2007. in the same time frame apple is up 4 15 percent.
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>> intel unveiled the new super fast superpowerful quad 4 processor today. santa clara base chip maker says it's freshly designed microscopic 3d transistor that uses 20 percent less power than previous chips. first p c equipped with the new processor will be shipped this week. >> there is new information tonight about the death of dick klavrjt we have learned that he under wept an operation just one day before his death. entertainment legend died wednesday of massive heart attack and had surgery for an inlargeed prostate the day before. information was released today on his death certificate. for 30 years clark hosted american band stand and used his fame to build an entertainment empire. he died at santa monica hospital at the age of 82. astronomer say thunder boom heard across california central valley early yesterday was the sound of an asteroid exploding.
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it rattled windows and shook homes from sacramento to bakersfield and as far east as reno and winnemucca. police department were swamped with 911 calls. astronomer thought it was debris from an annual meteor shower but nasa now says it was a random asteroid packing nearly 4 kilo ton of tn. >> you could fell the noise in the chest when it first boom. >> we think this is about the size of an minivan. quite large. >> on average something of this size hits the earth once a year. >> these are tiny rocks recovered from the asteroid. it shattered high in the atmosphere and didn't do any damage but made a lot of people quite averages juice people in new york and pennsylvania are bracing for another dose of unusual spring snow. several counties under a winter storm warning through tomorrow. that's when both states happen to be holding their primary that could obviously affect voter turn out significantly. areas in western pennsylvania received a foot of snow and forecasters there say areas can
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expect another foot maybe more. this rare spring nor'easter dumped a lot of rain along the east coast. back out here on the weather coast. we have had some really nice weather. changing a little bit. sandy is following the forecast for us. sandy. >> yes. the summer like sizzle has fizzled. cooled off the last couple days and now heading into springtime showers. show you this view. high definition camera. we look at towards coyote tower. this is taken just a couple hours ago. you can see that we did see the marine layer beginning to break up. ose clouds really not holding well, holding together well in some spots but certainly pretty solid in others tonight. i show where you we stand in terms of the rainfall. santa rose just close to the 23 inches of rain at 67 percent of average. san francisco 68 percent of normal. just over 15 inches of rain. oakland 75 percent and san jose not a lot of rain there. 47 percent of
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normal. as we get closer to the end of the rainy season. we are not done with the rain just yet. let me show you the current temperatures. we have of 50's and 60's. santa rosa has been reporting measurable drizzle last couple of hours with 56 degrees and we are heading into a night where we see clouds and spotty drizzle that tomorrow morning. showers likely wednesday and thursday. it's going to be warmer by the time we hit the weekend. the low clouds mid level clouds already into the concord livermore area just to give you an indication as to how deep the layer is. this cold front certainly contributing to the deepening of the marine layer. it has deepen to just over 4000 feet tonight. so certainly l count on a lot of cloud cover tomorrow morning with spotty drizzle. first system will bring us showers on wednesday. second system will bring us showers on thursday. so let me show you computer animation beginning with wednesday morning. we see the cloud cover. 5:00 a.m. then watch
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what happens. showers begin to move in around 8 or 9:00 o'clock in the morning. stat erred -- scattered at 11:00 o'clock and picks up a little bit. could see some heavy downpour wednesday afternoon and then we get a little bit of a lull thursday morning more showers begin to redevelop with the second system. when all is said and done through 10:00 a.m. thursday we look anywhere from tenth of an inch to about half an inch in terms of the rainfall totals through thursday morning. so not big storms but certainly enough to where you won't see some damp roadway. certainly damp tomorrow morning. give yourself a little extra time. see the spotty drizzle out there. a lot of cloud cover first thing in the morning and temperatures quite mild. low to mid 50's. tomorrow afternoon we look at milder da day. temperatures writing few agree with partial clearing. 70 san rafael, napa. 68 in santa rosa san mateo o. san francisco 66 degrees. low 70's around places like palo alto fremont san jose. 74 degrees in livermore. monterey bay
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morning gray giving way to sunshine. 72 in morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast drizzle to showers. that's how it all breaks down. see showers open thursday as well. in the morning primarily. then we dry out friday many hit the weekend. we are warmer mid 60's coast side low 80's inland. keep it warm as you go back to rope. reason to head back the work. >> we always need a reason to go to work. >> thanks very much. >> coming up next. taking the quiet out of electric cars we'll be back in just a moment. we'll be back in just a moment. 
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>> medical news. u.s. health officials say only 13 percent of u.s. adults have high cholesterol. may seem incredible in the nation where two-thirds of adults are over weight but experts say it's mostly because so many americans take cholesterol lowering drug. of course cholesterol is a fat like substance in the blood and too much of it can put you at risk for heart disease. >> vehicle manufacturers are revving up the sound of their electric car engine because cars like toyota prius are n
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notor us for being quiet. almost too quiet on busy city streets dangerous for blind pedestrians. they are twice as likely to be hit by a quiet electric car than even a gas burning engine running at low speed. >> you can easily make a mistake about when is most appropriate time to cross. >> they can tell whether internal combustion car was coming from the right or left sometimes 3 or 4 seconds before they could make that decision about the hybrid car. >>reporter: car company have until 20 17 to come up with a solution for noiseless vehicle. they can kind of sneak up on you. a little unnerving. >> don't have to be blind to get caught by one. happens all the time. >> larry is here with sports. >> tim he gets the win. but is he really back? what did he learn today against the mets. >> plus pablo and sports is >> plus pablo and sports is next
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>> good evening. giants swept double head internew york today and tim won the first gym of the year. but timy still can not find his rhythm. game 1 make up from wednesday. raw wiped day today. but buster not minding the weather. top of the first. high deep and goodbye off miguel. second of the year two nothing giants. to the third. nate forcing his way in the line up with the great play. laser to right. 3 run jack. nate had 6 hits in the double header. tim with nice can cushion on still not sharp. lasted 5 innings. pulled after 108 pitches. 8 striking out on the day. next play spectacular. dave which is a grounder. glove slips. bare handed grab. crawford double play. giants win game 1 6-1. game 2 and time for the hot chalk lieutenant. cold. sandoval there it goes to upper deck. l tying the great mays.
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giants record for longest hit streak in the start of season. sanchez will never forget this. golfing out the first career homer. madison 7 innings for the win. giants sweep the twin bill. a's and white sox. that is cute. and this would be nasty. jake gets him looking. starter. he has been terrific but made a kim mistake and ended up getting crushed. solo cloud in the fourth. 3 pitches later. it's paul. back-to-back jack. 7 innings. allowed 2 runs but the a's got nothing. i mean nothing against him who tossed a 3 hit shut out. a's blank 4 zip. more trouble for the saints. espn reporting that gm loomis reportedly wired the head set so he could listen to opposing coaches during the game. that's not sports man like people. i'm just saying. sy i


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